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The Mosquito Fleet will be one of the few organizations in the world where spearfishing courses will be held , managed by the resident spearfishing professional Toto Volpe, the courses are structured in 3 levels so that anybody, from the beginner to the expert will found the way to improve their skills and enjoy an unique experience.

The courses will start with a theory part followed by one or more day in the water.

The courses are structured in this way:

Introduction To Spearfishing

Spearfishing Advanced Course

Spearfishing Master Class

Skills & Experience

Spearfishing in La Paz is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities in the Sea of Cortez. With a yearly influx of a wide variety of pelagics, the Sea of Cortez and in particular La Paz offers world class spear fishing and boasts a number of IBSRC records.

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La Paz is truly one of the few spearfishing paradises, with all year around fair weather conditions and the productivity of its hunting grounds allow spearfishermen of any level, beginner to expert, to truly experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Introduction Spearfishing

Introduction Spearfishing

This is the course for beginners, the candidate will be test in the water to be sure that he or she posses the basic necessary freediving skills.

In the theory part: Freediving techniques, equipment, safety and proper basic fishing technique will be discussed. Than we go in the water; fishing grounds are specially selected for the beginners, shallow waters rich in catches and one on one instructions will be the ingredients for a successful first day of fishing and the base for future improvements.

Spearfishing Advanced Course

Spearfishing Advanced Course

This is for the spearfisherman that has some experience already but wants to improve his technique and catching abilities.

The theoretical part will be about special equipments, fishing tactics for specific species, fishing grounds identifications and so on...

In the water the student will be assisted personally and the election of the fishing ground will be specific depending on the season, ability and targeted species.

Spearfishing Master Class

Spearfishing Master Class

This is going to be attended by the expert spearfisherman that wants to be sure that his or her ability will be used at the best in the local fishing ground targeting the most valuable species in a full day in the water with the one on one assistance of our professional. The course will be, every time, customized on the specific needs and ability of the student.

Naturally there will be plenty of spearfisherman that will not feel the need for taking part in a course ( doesn't matter at what level) and they will just need the guiding and expertise to be sure to be able to get the most profit by their spearfishing holidays, in that case The Mosquito Fleet will offer the best guiding available for a successful hunt.

Introduction Course


Advanced Course


Master Class


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